Monday, February 2, 2009

It's been a while

So I thought I'd write a few words. There!

Naaa just kidding, I'll write a bit more... Here we go:

I've been thinking a lot about going home lately, since the day is getting nearer. This thought frightens me and at the same time it'll be great to see old friends and my family again.
It's hard to imagine that I've been here in Van-city for almost a year and a half, time flies when you're having fun (and apparently also when you're not having so much fun..).

On one hand I'd love to stay here for longer, but on the other I do want to get forward in my life and finish studying so I can work in a field that actually interests me. So maybe it is time to move on.

I could see myself living here in Vancouver, especially since I've made a lil home for myself here. Maybe I see things differently once I am back in home sweet home and get to experience all the fun times again. Maybe.

Lil about past few weeks:
I have started salsa lessons again in my community center and it's nicely located by the water so I can see the ocean and mountains from the window. It makes learning a bit difficult with those distractions. I still try to shake what my momma gave me with the rest of 'em. :)

Also I have gone back to climbing walls, that's what monkeys do best anyways. If I am not a monkey then I don't know who is (I could name a few, but I'll leave it for them to figure out on their own). I even went and bought climbing shoes and harness for myself, so this time it's super serial!! ;)

I've been going climbing with a local Meetup group, which can not even be compared to JD, but it's a good substitute and there's some nice people there to keep me hanging on the walls. I still think JD is the best idea EVER for meeting/having fun/doing sports/everything with other people. Wish they had something like that here too, but I think people here are too much into their own crowds and not into making new friends. Poo!

Nature here is great tho, I got to give her that. Vancouver is very beautiful and those mountains will be greatly missed when I return to the lovable ever so flat, Finland. Maybe those tens of thousands of lakes will make up for it..

Bugger, better get back to work before my boss notices I am writing this, even tho it's my coffee break..
Will write again soon, stay tuned.