Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas was here

Done with it for now. Didn't really feel like Christmas in the first place, being on the other side of the world without my family. I still had some good food and nice company, so all in all it was nice.
Santa was a bit cheap this year tho, I think it's must be the economy. ;)

On the 24th me and my Filipino friend Carmela were invited to a Christmas dinner at our Belgian friends place. We were accompanied by his Colombian roommate and his Canadian girlfriend He made some good lamb for dinner and then we played Taboo, which is a fun board game. Girls against guys and needless to say, girls won. (it's prolly cause guys suck and we should throw rocks at them). After playing we decided to go to a nice little gay bar to sing some karaoke. Ended up staying late and singing our lungs out.
On the way to after party I decided to get a piggyback ride from one of the people going there. It was super snowy and icy so he ended up falling and I ended up on my arse. Tailbone is still hurting and it's been a fricking week already! DANG!

On the 25th we went to another friends place in Kitsilano. They had a house filled with warmth, food, drinks and laughter. It was very international evening, with representation from all the corners of the earth. The owners were Nicole from Scotland and David from Colombia. Guests were from: Philippines, Finland, Belgium, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Iran, Canada, Albania etc.. very international indeed. We had interesting multicultural conversations and very warm and welcoming atmosphere.

That's all for now about Christmas. Oh and it snowed shitloads in Vancouver, which is very unusual for this place. I quite enjoyed it.